Meet The Team

Our team consists of some great people that truly care about your needs. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us and someone will help you.

  • Marc Huddleston

    General Manager

    Marc has a broad knowledge of the industry and is looking forward to helping his team in every way possible. From working the counter and making deliveries to presenting to owners of shops and dealerships.
  • Zach Fellure

    Outside Sales/Delivery Driver

    Zach has been a staple in delivery for WASCO and now is going to have the opportunity to broaden his skills in the field.
  • Paul Finn

    Strategic Account Sales Specialist/Technical Support Specialist

    Paul leads our sales team in understanding the technical aspects of our field. He is always working on introducing or testing a new product to bring to our customers.
  • Diane Wisecarver

    Accounting Manager

    Diane is in charge of our accounting department.
  • Craig Williams

    Technical Support Specialist

    Craig joined our team in 2016 after a lengthy career as head painter for of Central Ohio’s premier collision centers for over 20 years. Craig brings a wealth of technical knowledge and is still regarded as one of the best painters around.
  • Chris Clark

    Outside Sales

    Chris joined Wasco in 1993 originally as a technical support specialist but quickly became a part of our outside sales team. Chris is a car enthusiast through and through.
  • Kelessie White

    Counter Sales

    Kelessie joined WASCO this year and is a great addition to the team. She brings many years of experience and has a keen eye for color. She has recently been sent for R-M certification to enhance her eye for color.
  • Dave Magnaghi

    Warehouse Team Member

  • Roland Millington

    Inside Sales

    Roland has been with WASCO for a few years and came from the photography business. He has an eye for color and continues to learn more every day.
  • Luke Browning

    Delivery Driver

    Luke joined the team in 2019 and has been learning more and more about our business. He is becoming a great asset for us.

  • Andre Taylor

    Delivery Driver

    Andre has been in the business for a long time and brings a great deal of knowledge to our team.

  • Jaime Harr


    Jaime has been a great team player and continues to learn about our business. She has taken over our social media pages and done a great job.
  • Jason Bowman

    Warehouse Lead

    Jason has been responsible for the warehouse and ensuring the orders are ready to be loaded onto the trucks as well as stocking the inventory.
  • Chad Swisher


    Chad joined WASCO and has done a great job to help us maximize our inventory and allow for proper picking and pulling. His purchasing has helped us to get better deals for our customers.

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